R.A.F. Harrowbeer Archive Day 29th May 2018

On  Tuesday - May 29th - 2018 ( Half  Term  Week )  R.A.F. Harrowbeer Archives are holding an open day in conjunction with the ' Dartmoor Amateur Radio Group ' and ' R.A.F.A.C ' to support the  " Royal Air Force 100 "  celebrations.

The event is at ' Knightstone Tearooms ' and on the moorland outside towards the first Dispersal Bay.

A transmitting and receiving station is being set up to link up to R.A.F. Stations around the world.

Come and watch the R.A.F.A.C. operate and ask questions on what, why and how they are able to do this.

The Museum and Archives will also be open from 10.00 am until 5.00 pm for you to view the many artefacts and paperwork connected with R.A.F. Harrowbeer.

Refreshments, meals, cakes, cream teas and drinks,etc. will be available in the ' Tearooms '.

Parking and entry is free - please come and support us.


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